To save the economy, we need production and technological innovations, to achieve these, we need Engineers, and to have Engineers, we must groom, train, orientate and integrate them to bridge the gap between the academia and the industries.

No country, nation and or people can develop without industrialization, industrialization cannot be achieved without engineering, science and technology is the way to go, and engineering is the application of both.

It is high time  we begin to develop our technological innovations. We are to solve our own problems, by applying science and technology to our Nation building. ICT has come to stay, it is therefore important that we give our students a guided approach to advancing professionally and harnessing the opportunities in the ICT world; thereby acknowledging the relevance of ICT in career development.

As Engineers, we have an obligation to help our future by training and mentoring tomorrow’s Engineers today. How do we develop and keep the best young talents?
The answer is using mentoring programs like this one. If effective, the Engineers of today can help develop today’s talent into tomorrow’s Engineers.

Engr. EJIKA, Emmanuel Oshala, MNSE MNIPE – Executive Director, CAYEi