To provide professional training, organize seminars and symposiums geared towards nation building, to equip and improve young Engineers.


To bridge the gap between the Academia and the Industries in Nigeria.


Encouraging and promoting indigenous innovations/technology  to tackle common problems associated with daily living.


To promote engineering activities within and outside the country through programmes that develop the engineering profession.

CAYEi Quote

The Engineers of today can help develop today’s talent into tomorrow’s Engineers.

To save the economy, we need production and technological innovations, to achieve these, we need Engineers, and to have Engineers, we must groom, train, orientate and integrate them, by bridging the gap between the academia and the industries.

Engr. EJIKA, Emmanuel Oshala, MNSE MNIPE – Executive Director, CAYEi

A few things we’re great at

A tour of our activities 

Job connect

Helping Young Engineers to get Mentors, Industrial Attachment and Job placement. 

So if you have an opportunity for us, kindly contact us.


Nurturing Young Engineers to building a great Nation requires a series of practical training and exposure, and that is what we do across board on all engineering discipline. 


Bringing together experts to discuss issues relating to promotion of the engineering profession as it affects the young people.

CAYEi kids

Encouraging kids to take up science subjects to enable them have an interest in engineering related studies in tertiary institutions.  

CAYEi Kids

A programme for Primary and Secondary Schools, encouraging Kids to take up Engineering professions.

our idea

Kids need more than the basic school curriculum to advance and explore the world of engineering and technology.

our approach

Introducing the Kids to the various engineering professions available with associated ICT tools, while emphasizing its application to nation building.


To provide a guided interaction between the pupils and the computer that suggests a way forward for professional development.


To provide a guided approach and mentoring towards the Engineering Profession, thereby catching them young.

Professional development for Young Engineers

Bringing young Engineers up speed with recent development in the engineering profession.


Discipline based training cutting across all engineering disciplines.  


Mentoring programmes that aid the professional growth of Young Engineers.


Bringing young professionals together to share ideas.


Universality of engineering, socialization and globalization.


A tour of some of our recent activities…

The President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers – Engr. Adekunle Mokuolu, Project Management Facilitator – Engr. Aidee Udoh, CAYEi Executive Director – Engr. Ejika Emmanuel and a cross section of participants at one of the training sessions.

CAYEi Executive Director – Engr. Ejika Emmanuel and some Corps Members at one of the training sessions.

Some participants at one of the training sessions.

Electrical Engineering Fcilitator – Engr. Adeolu Taiwo in a group discussion with participants at one of the training sessions.

Engr. TSG Wudil – Vice President, Nigerian Society of Engineers and CAYEi Executive Director – Engr. Ejika Emmanuel at a CAYEi Kids training session.

 A cross session Kids from various Schools in FCT Abuja and some Senior Engineers at one of the CAYEi Kids training session.

 Kids from various Schools in FCT Abuja at a CAYEi Kids training session.

 Kids from various Schools in FCT Abuja at a CAYEi Kids training session.

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Our Facilitators/Ambassadors  

Meet our Facilitators/Ambassadors, Professionals from various field of Engineering and Associated Professions – Consultants, Lecturers, Researchers, Contractors, Project Managers, Business Developers…

TSG. Wudil

Electrical Engineer

Queeneth Omoyibo

Mechanical Engineer

OKOYE, Henry U.

Chemical Engineer

EJIKA, Emmanuel O.

Electrical Engineer

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